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While we are still discussing the feasibility of smart contracts, their functionality, and whether an alphanumeric code can replace the human element in the legal sector, China, which in recent years has been at the forefront of technology, is throwing its ace on the table!
Consistent with its attitude of projection towards the future, the country in question has begun to use blockchain technology in legal disputes!
Exactly it started as early as 2017, creating the world’s first “internet” court, which is physically based in Hangzhou, China’s e-commerce hub, but is just a “click” away from any user!
In this court, all disputes in the field of online shopping and the web are discussed, including possible violations of individual rights such as online copyright.
The Chinese Supreme Court has ruled that evidence, filed and verified on blockchain platforms, can count as evidence in legal disputes.
The process of verifying the evidence through encryption, electronic signatures and piracy-proof methods, which are then left to the discretion of individual judges on a case-by-case basis, is an extremely important primacy for the development of the technology in question!

Although no equally effective method has yet been found to translate the “if/then” mechanisms of a legal act into a secure and flexible programmatic mechanism, in every field a vision, more than “possibilist”, of its application is being widened, contributing, moreover, to a new creativity combined with efficiency!

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Raffaella Aghemo, Lawyer